The westbound tour of our layout continues to Methven Summit

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Dudman's Curve and Viaduct

Meanwhile, back down below, a Milwaukee freight train slowly crosses the viaduct at Dudman's Curve on the mainline

A lower view of the amazing bridge

Our train of empty ore cars approached the Rabbit Creek and Money Belt Gulch mines. This is highest point on the branch and is the upper terminus of the line.

This showshed protects the train from sliding snow and falling rock. We are almost to the mines!

Tumwater Mine

A short distance west of Rimrock the line emerges from a tunnel and crosses a high level curving trestle. Built by PC&E bridge engineer Dave Dudman, this curve has been dubbed "Dudman's Curve", by a few PC&E engineers who failed to observe the speed restrictions wisely imposed by management! High on the mountain above the main you can see the Tumwater mine before we plunge into the damp darkness of Tumwater Tunnel at the summit of the Cascades.

As our Tumwater Mining train enters the tunnel, a Great Northern freight train passes on the PC&E mainline below

Tumwater Mining Co. branch climbs above Rimrock

Tumwater Mining Co.


The Tumwater Mining Co. electrified branch line climbs above our mainline and heads 22 miles south into the heart of the central Cascades in search of rich ores.

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