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The second stop on our tour of the PC&E is Rimrock.

Tucked on the rim of a rocky mountain ledge, this station serves as the contact point with the Tumwater Mining Company. The PC&E picks up loaded ore cars containing bureaucratum and moves them to the docks along the Columbia for export. At Rimrock helper locomotives are added to tonnage freight drags for the long, hard pull to the summit at Tumwater Tunnel.

East Rimrock

The east end of Rimrock.

More East Rickrock

East Rimrock.

Rirock Catenary

The overhead catinary in Rimrock is all the work of SC&W past member Jim Hatton.

Rimrock Station

Rimrock Station keeps busy.

East view of Rimrock

East view of Rimrock.

West view of Rimrock

West view of Rimrock. Tumwater branch climbs in the back.

Rimrock and Tumwater Mining branch

Some electrics pose in Rimrock for our camera.

Dudman's Trestle, Duck Lake and the summit are next.
And we'll take a look at Tumwater Mining branch on our way.

Last updated 4/7/2018