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This scenic spot lays halfway between Coldwater and Mt. Brynion.
It features a combination curved pile trestle and double through plate steel spans and is a favorite among PC&E railfans.

A pair of railfans are delighted by PC&E traffic across the Crooked Crow Creek bridge.

The cows don't seem to mind as a GN P-2 leads a freight across the bridge.

SC&W member Clint Crow built this scene. It was featured on the cover of Mainline Modeler.

The east end of Mt. Brynion lies just across Crooked Crow Creek.


In 1995, the SC&W members decided to completely rebuild the west end of the layout. Mount Brynion was changed from a large urban scene into a quite, rural farming community more in tune with central southwest Washington. It is now a rich area for local freight switching chores, with many interesting trackside industries in need of PC&E rail service.

Our train has just arrived in Mt. Brynion.

A variety of industries are served by the PC&E in Mt. Brynion.

Dineen's Oil is one of the industries in Mt. Brynion.

Dineen's Oil.

Eastern end of Mt. Brynion.

The Minden Flour Mill is one of the larger industries in Mt. Brynion.
The mainline continues west through Twin Tunnel.

Our final destination, Willow Grove Yard in Port Columbia, are next.

Last updated 3/12/2017