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Cascade Timber Company is a thriving subsidiary of the PC&E.

The largest part of PC&E on-line traffic is generated from the Cascade Timber Company mills. The logging outfit employs its own locomotives and rolling stock on the branchline. Vintage steam engines still work the hill and this is a favorite spot for rail enthusiasts from all over the world to spot these ancient beasts at work. Lumber and forest by-products as well as plywood and export logs are picked up for movement in both directions.

Cascade Timber connects with the PC&E mainline at Coldwater.
Its tracks are to the right in this scene.

The Cascade Timber Co. branch climbs the hill behind Coldwater.
Mill B, fine cut and millwork, can be seen in the background.

CT's corporate headquarters??

This pile trestle, built by Clint Crow, was the subject of a Mainline Modeler article.

Here we find the rough cut Mill-B site.

Logs are dumped into this lake before being brought into the mill.

The loggers have been very busy. Still, it's a very pretty lake.

Cascade Timber 01

Climbing to Camp 1.

Crossing the high trestle.

Crossing the high trestle.

Switchback to the upper camp.

Logging camp beneath Mt. Baldy.

The log camps are high above.

Okay, let's move on to Mt. Brynion next.

Last updated 4/07/2018