Still, very still, Gilman is sort of an interesing place

On the other side of Tunnel No. 9 we find the very remote outpost of Gilman


There was once an agent for the Great Northern who said he was willing to do anything to get out of northern Montana. He heard of this busy station on the PC&E and hired on.

It was busy! But he found they didn't call it rustic for nothing. All the mainline trains passed by his depot daily all right- at speed. Most of the time he just sat on the depot platform and wave at the train crews passing by. They would call out, "There's Gilman," on the platform. That's how it came to be named Gilman.

The local ranchers provide seasonal revenue loads for the railroad transporting livestock to market and to and from higher pastures. This traffic is mostly seasional. There is also occasional traffic to the team tracks to server outlying ranches.

A train passes through Gilman without stopping

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